Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My story in today's New Mexican about state politicos giving contributions from Manny Aragon and other figures in the courthouse scandal giving their "tainted" money to charity can be found HERE.

Turns out my figures here for former Albuquerque Mayor Ken Schultz -- who has pled guilty to mail fraud and conspiracy, admitting he was a "go-between" in the skim operation -- are drastically low. Looks like isn't as reliable as the lobbyist reports on the Secretary of State's Web site.

I can't believe I just said something positive about the Secretary of State's Web site.

UPDATE: Sure enough, it looks like I jinxed myself in offering any encouraging word about the Secretary of State's Web site. For the last couple of hours I've tried getting into the lobbyist reports.

Guess what ...

WACKY WEDNESDAY: A Musical Tribute to Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof, brothel owner / GOP legislative speaks at a campaign rally hours before he died. That's porn star Ron Jeremy backing him...