Friday, April 27, 2007


Yikes, I thought the race for state Democratic chairman was getting interesting.

But the GOP contest between incumbent Alllen Weh and Earl Greer is getting interesting too, according to Mario Burgos' blog. Getta loadda THIS:

April 26, 2007

Lou Melvin
RPNM Rules Committee Chairwoman
5150-A San Francisco NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Dear Lou -

In accordance with Rule 10 of the Bernalillo County Republican Party Supplementary Rules, the following State Central Committee Members from Bernalillo County are not in good standing.

Please consider this a formal challenge of the following State Central Committee members:

Christopher Atencio
Mario Burgos
John Butrick
Samuel Carnes
Whitney Cheshire
Diego Espinoza
State Representative Justin Fox-Young
Elaine Henederson
Wade Jackson
Enrique Knell
Fran Langholf
Vickie Perea
Patrick Rogers
Patricia Rush
Dianne Shams-Avari
Matthew Stackpole

Mario raises the possibility that C de Baca is supporting Greer against Weh, but that's not certain from the post.

The plot thickens. Mario, who ran against C'De Baca for Bernalillo County GOP writes:
I made a decision in that race to focus on Mr. C' de Baca's performance failures, but I also made a decision not to attack him personally. I choose not to point out Mr. C' de Baca's criminal conviction from 1996:

Here’s what the Albuquerque Tribune (7/24/96) reported about C de Baca’s 1996 bid-rigging conviction in California:

Fernando C de Baca, 58, of Albuquerque pleaded guilty Tuesday in San Diego County District Court to conspiring to inflate bids for asbestos removal at two malls owned by the Hahn Co. of San Diego. One of them was Coronado Center in Albuquerque.
(C de Baca, acording to Burgos, told The Albuquerque Tribune that the California Superior Court later dropped the charges.)

But here's my favorite:

I also decided not to bring up the fact that the Executive Director,
employed by the Bernalillo County Republican Party and hired by Mr. C' de Baca, spent Election Night partying with Patricia Madrid supporters at her "Victory" Party. Or, the fact that this same individual, proudly has posted pictures on his personal website of himself posing with pornography star Jenna Jameson while wearing a t-shirt advertising her website.

The chairmanships of both parties will be decided Saturday.

Here's an Associated Press story from earlier this week about those races by Barry Massey. CLICK HERE

Stay tuned.

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