Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yes, today is the anniversary of of the assassination of President Lincoln, the sinking of the Titanic and the Great Dust Storm of 1935 -- as lamented in those mysterious songs by Gillian Welch I played in my set on The Santa Fe Opry last night.

I nearly forgot about the date. But luckily I received a comment on this blog from a guy named Jeff that reminded me. He left it on my post of my April 15, 2005 Santa Fe Opry playlist , but I'll re-post it here :

Please stop perpetuating this "Ruination Day" label for April 14th. So singer Gillian Welch calls April 14th "Ruination Day" -- millions, including me, call it my birthday. She notes Lincoln was shot on the 14th, the day the Titantic also struck the infamous iceburg. However Lincoln did not die until the 15th, nor the Titantic sink until the next day's morning. Compare that to October 2nd, Ms. Welch's birthday, which saw President Woodrow Wilson's stroke, the Tiberias Massacre in Palestine and the Carandiru Massacre in Brazil. Just a sampling, mind you. Let he (or she) who is without historical coincidences cast the first epithet, Ms. Welch!

Sorry, Jeff, but it's too good of an American tradition not to keep perpetrating it.

But thanks for the reminder, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

P.S.: NewMexiKen reminds us it's also the birthday of Loretta Lynn and others. Dang! I should have played some Loretta last night.

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