Thursday, June 28, 2007

I was able to catch the first set of ThaMuseMeant's gig at the Santa Fe Brewing Company Wednesday night. Opening up with familiar songs like "Grow Your Own" and "Movin' by Lovin'," (which turns into an infectious hippie gospel revival), it didn't take long to remember what it is about this band that made me love them in the first place, 13 or so years ago when they lived in Santa Fe.

I hadn't seen them in I don't know how many years. Nathan said it had been a year and a half since they'd all played together.

And this was the first time I'd seen them with their newest member Enion. She was damned impressive. There was one of her violin solos where she was every bit as inense and hypnotic as Symphony Sid Page in Dan Hicks' "I Scare Myself."

The strangest part of the evening was when lightning apparently knocked out the electricity in the Brewing Company. There were a few moments in darkness, but when the lights and sound came back on, the group went right back into the song, picking up exactly where they'd left off as if nothing had happened.

This supposedly was ThaMuseMeant's only New Mexico gig this year. But I hope they don't stay away long.

My review of ThaMusemeant's latest album can be found HERE.

More photos of Wednesday's show can be found HERE.


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