Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday, July 22, 2007
KSFR, Santa Fe, N.M.
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays Mountain Time
Host: Steve Terrell

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Now Simulcasting 90.7 FM, and out new, stronger signal, 101.1 FM

OPENING THEME: Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out) by The Hombres
Hard to Be Human by The Mekons
Guest Informant by The Fall
Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello
Of Whales and Woe by Les Claypool
Pedro Bound by Mike Watt
Chocolate Out by The Boredoms
Jet Ninjin by Go! Go! 7188
Bumble Bee Zombie by Roky Erikson

Surfin' Down the Rio Grande by Sir Richard & The Knights
Lost in the Bayou by The Surf Lords
Liberteens in My Scene by The Dirty Novels
Nicole Told Me by Half Japanese
Plot Against the President by The Dick Nixons
Catch Hell Blues by The White Stripes
Stabbing Trilogy by The Gluey Brothers
Boys Don't Cry by Mummy the Peepshow

They Crowned an Idiot King
California is Drowning and I Live By The River
Surfin' in Harlem
America is Bleeding
God Bless America for What?
F**k the Bomb, Ban the Drugs
Crawdad Hole

Here Comes Terry by NRBQ
Peter's Trip by The Electric Flag
I Feel a Little Spaced Out by Os Mutantes
Qu'ran by Brian Eno & David Byrne
Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon by The Jefferson Airplane
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
CLOSING THEME: Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis

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