Saturday, August 11, 2007


I missed just about everything else because of work, but I was excited to see Public Enemy at the Santa Fe Muzik Fest tonight.

They brought the noise! It was a wonderful, energetic show. i'm not even a huge hip-hop fan, but this is an example of a group making music so sublime that it truly transcends genre. Crazy, chaotic funk, sometimes angry, sometimes celebratory. Timeless and funky, an urban apocalyptic -- out at the Downs at Santa Fe.

Several times during the show Chuck D mentioned that this year is Public Enemy's 20th anniversary.

What a coincidence -- Friday, August 10 was my 20th anniversary for working at The New Mexican. Yep, I started there in 1987, same year Public Enemy was born. That;s so profound I don't know what to say.

Check out my photos of Friday's show on my FLICKR site.

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