Tuesday, August 07, 2007


At the NH State Democratic Convention

My analysis piece on Richardson's debate performance at the AFL-CIO forum tonight is already up at the New Mexican site.

You can find it HERE .

The campaign, of course, issued a statement touting Richardson as the strongest candidate. I assume all the other campaigns did that too.

The e-mail includes a quote from Richardson's answer to the Iraq veteran who lost his job at Maytag.(See my live blog post below, the 6:01 pm entry, and the analysis piece.) But it leaves out that non-sequiter about OSHA.

I quoted him saying, “I would ensure what you have in the future is job protection, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) protection. ...” (I did record this from the TV)

But the e-mail has a reference to OSHA elsewhere, where I didn't hear it.

"As President I will get rid of all of the union-busting attorneys in the Department of Labor and at the Occupational Health and Safety Administration."

In fairness there was loud applause after he said "Department of Labor," so maybe the rest of the sentence got muffled.

By the way, the photo on this post is not from the Soldier Field debate. I took it in Concord, N.H. a couple of months ago.

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