Sunday, August 19, 2007


I haven't actually seen this morning's debate at Drake University in Iowa. Due to some weird local programming decision, Channel 7 isn't showing the debate until 4 p.m. Mountain Time. ("Action 7 news! We keep you way behind the rest of the country ...")
But judging from the official transcript of the debate, it looks like Gov. Bill Richardson might have done pretty well.

He avoided any serious gaffes and weird nonsequiturs (no gay relationships with undocumented workers), he was able to jump in and engage the other candidates over the issue of the Iraq War.

He was able to land a couple of good laugh lines and applause lines. And he even poked a little fun at himself for his previous verbal blunders.

He desperately needed this after a week of apologizing to the gay community and dealing with his former Nevada staffer, the former bordello manager wanted on hot check charges.


When questioned about his position that all troops could be withdrawn from Iraq in six to eight months, Richardson said many (unnamed) generals and security expert Anthony Cordesman agree with him.

That might give the impression that Cordesman, a former director of intelligence assessment at the Pentagon, has endorsed Richardson's plan.

That's not the case. Cordesman did recently say that troops could be withdrawn earlier than the military is advocating. Here's an Associated Press story about Cordesman's recent report.

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