Saturday, November 10, 2007


I was listening to The Twisted Groove on KSFR after my show last night (early this morning) and heard a song that was hauntingly familiar. The title was "Monkey Ska" by ska pioneer Derrick Harriet. It was the refrain that nearly made me fall onto the floor: "Don't know what to say the monkey won't do."

You see, when my son was two or three he said he'd written a song called "Don't Know What to Say What the Monkeys Won't Do." I was amazed. Just the title alone filled me with wonder. I compared him to Captain Beefheart.

But obvously, after hearing Harriet's song on the radio that my son had heard it as a toddler. It's not the type of music his mother would be listening to, so I still was amazed. But this morning when I played a clip of the song I found on the Internet, my son, now 15, remembered he'd seen it on the cartoon show Animaniacs. Sure enough, we found it on YouTube.


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