Friday, November 09, 2007


"Sometimes I feel like Arthur Bremer
In my motel room
I got my pornographic comic books
I'm hearing voices from the tomb.
I've been stalking you like a cobra, baby
Ready any time you like.
Ain't nothin' gonna stop me, mam
When it's time to strike ..."

From "Pinhead for Your Love"
Stephen W. Terrell, poet.
Circa 1978

And now they're freeing Artie Bremer, the guy who shot George Wallace down in 1972. And it looks like Sarah Jane Moore might be getting out too. (But not Squeaky. She apparently likes prison life.) Here's a story about it: CLICK HERE.

Could this lead to an aging (would-be) assassins speaking tour? It's got to be worth at least one big Larry King show.

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