Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Been too busy to blog much lately, but I have a bunch of musical plugs I need to take care of.

First of all, don't forget the Lannis Loyd Celebration Jam at the Santa Fe Brewing Company Friday night. It's scheduled from 6-10 pm. I'll be stopping by before going out to KSFR to do The Santa Fe Opry.

Georgie "Angel" Adelo tells me some guy named Jamie Brown is supposed to show up to play. Anyone heard of this guy?

The event is free, but you'll also feel free to donate to the new Musicians Emergency Relief Fund, which George is starting.


Speaking of great old Santa Fe music memories, John Harvey, former co-owner of The Line Camp e-mailed me last week to let me know he's starting to organize the Line Camp's 30th Anniversary, which is going to be held at the Fuller Lodge on May 10, 2008. He ask me to "send out a message to all the musicians that I am gathering stories and images" of Line Camp memories for a scrap book he's putting together for publication. So if you have any stories or photos of fun at the Line Camp -- the best honky tonk Pojoaque ever had -- email John.

I wonder if he'll use my sad tale about the time I went out there to interview Taj Mahal -- my second interview EVER! -- and my first ex-wife got pissed off at me and left me stranded. The big-time rock journalist had to hitch hike back to Santa Fe with my cheap tape recorder that malfunctioned during the interview.


Finally I want to plug the commercial DVD release of Robert Mugge's New Orleans Music in Exile. I reviewed this documentary about Hurricane Katrina's terrible impact on New Orleans musicians last year in Terrell's Tune-up.

In short, it's wonderful. Check it out on Amazon.com

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