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As I mentioned in this week's Tune-up, Cracker played Albuquerque's Summerfest Saturday -- a free show -- so I figured it would be a good way to kick off my two-week vacation.

Although, I'm more of a Camper Van Beethoven fan, I was impressed. Cracker's an extremely tight band and longtime guitarist Johnny Hickman is downright impressive. And of course, David Lowrey is Lowrey. These days is band is a quartet -- two guitars, bass and drums.
They went through most of their best known songs -- "Teen Angst," "Euro Trash Girl," "Mr. Wrong," "Happy Birthday to Me." It seemed to me "Low" was a little half-hearted, but, as my son pointed out, that's how a lot of '90s bands treat their big hits.

Actually I preferred one of their newer songs, a Stonesy little tune called "Everybody Gets One For Free."

Cracker also played some bitchen covers -- Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me" (sung by Hickman), Jerry Garcia's "Loser" (I have a live Camper version of that tune) and Camper Van Beethoven's "Take the Skinheads Bowling."

Check out more snapshots of the show HERE.

If you missed Saturday's show, there's a whole lot of free, legal downloads of shows (going back years) at the Live Music Archive.

And just because I'm a nice guy, here's a flash player of the most recent show posted on the archive (July 5, 2008 in Milwaukee). Enjoy.

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