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There was a big crowd on the Plaza Thursday and, as expected, The Gourds romped and stomped a hopped-up set at Santa Fe Bandstand. And even though they didn't play my favorite two Gourds songs ("Ants on the Melon" and "My Name is Jorge") it was still a great show. They did so many good songs, who cares if they didn't do everything.

One of my favorites was a rousing Beatles cover -- an under-appreciated Ringo "country" song, "Don't Pass Me By." This they followed with a medley of "Motherless Children" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

They did one of their most powerful tunes, "Web Before You Walk Into It" (" ... you bought the last bottle last time, remember?") which is from their very first album, Dems Good Beeble.

And, hell, "Burn the Honeysuckle" is pretty similar to "Ants on the Melon" -- and almost as good.
They performed good versions of "Pine Island Bayou," "Lower 48," (their rowdy encore) "Red Letter Day" (banjo/fiddle/guitar man Max Johnston's one turn at the mike Thursday) and "(Somebody Bring me a Flower) I'm a Robot," which first appeared on singer Kev Russell's solo album several years ago.

And no, The Gourds didn't suddenly burst into a raging stream of obscenities. They managed to follow their no-cussing clause. (And no, they didn't do "Gin and Juice" despite some shouted requests.) For one thing, the place was crawling with kiddies, some of whom occasionally joined the band onstage. That's one of the cool things about the Santa Fe Bandstand shows. It does have a community/family feel.

Next Thursday, Bone Orchard and Hundred Year Flood play Santa Fe Bandstand.

Check out my snapshots HERE

And again, just because I'm a nice guy, I'll share a recent Gourds concert (April 15, 08), courtesy of the Live Music Archive. It's from a house party in St. Louis. Listen to any or all of the songs.

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