Wednesday, July 16, 2008


While cruising around on the Live Music Archive tonight I found a strange little site called The Wayback Machine , which basically is a search engine for long-lost Web pages that have been archived through some unholy fusing of technology and necromancy.

I couldn't resist the temptation to look up my original Web site, which I created soon after I first got on AOL about 11 years ago.

Sure enough, there were a few versions of the old site, the earliest being from December 1998. The cool thing is, most of the graphics and the links still work! (Some of my favorite old antimated giffs I'll include here.)

I also found some versions of the Web site after I left AOL and took the site to the wretched Dreamwater site. The most recent one is May 2003. It includes the infamous dancing Potatoheads, which came up in a murder trial in which the defense attorney tried to imply my Web site influenced the investigation of the case. (The defendant got off, so maybe the jury believed some of that talk.)

By the end of the year I was no longer able to access my site (and unable to get anyone from Dreamwater to return e-mails), so that led me to create this here blog.

Sure brings back some memories!

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