Tuesday, July 01, 2008


National environmental groups this week are stepping up their attacks on Republican Steve Pearce.

First there was the Prius give-away by the Defenders of Wildlife, which I reported on in today's New Mexican.

Today the League of Conservation Voters, which already has endorsed Democrat Tom Udall, named Pearce to its Dirty Dozen list.
"During his five years in Congress, Steve Pearce has voted consistently against the environment," LCV Senior Vice-President for Political Affairs and Public Education Tony Massaro said. "Of the 80 conservation key votes since he has been elected, Pearce has voted against clean air, clean energy, protecting the nation's wildlife, and preserving our natural heritage in all but one vote."

Pearce's lifetime LCV score is an embarrassing 1%. He has earned three 0% scores in his tenure and his highest annual score was 5% in his first year. His opponent, Tom Udall, has earned a 96% lifetime LCV score.
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana also was named to the Dirty Dozen.

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