Friday, April 08, 2005


It's been Hell trying to get stuff posted the last couple of days. On yesterday's Roundhouse Round-up post there were some cut-and-paste glitches I was trying to straighten out. And then I wanted to update when the governor vetoed the bill I'd written about. But I couldn't get onto Blogger.

This was true of my home and work computers. After midnight I was trying to post the new Terrell's Tune-up but I couldn't get on.

I learned I was not alone. CLICK HERE.

The advice the Blogger status page is giving is to delete all your cookies. I tossed my cookies a couple of times. It didn't work right away, but finally I was able to edit Round-up and post Tune-up. I just hope Blogger gets everything fixed real fast. When I turned in last night I was having serious flashbacks about the troubles I had with my old Dreamwater site.

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