Sunday, October 02, 2005


It was a night of good food, good music and good company out at the Villanueva home of my friends Steve and Sherry (formerly known as "Steve Scott & Denise DeLeon" of the late lamented radio show The Real Deal on KFUN in Las Vegas, N.M.

Memphis country singer Nancy Apple and Mark Autry -- the inspiration for Nancy's song "My Boyfriend" (which I played on The Santa Fe Opry last night) -- were there, so naturally a campfire guitar pull was on the agenda. (Pictured above are Nancy on harmonica, two Steves, and Mark. Anton is standing in the shadows. Photos by Helen.)

Nancy says she considers her annual trip to New Mexico as work rather than vacation, because she uses the time to write songs. She wrote four on Saturday and Mark says he likes three of them. I sure liked the ones she played for us last night.

She's got a new duet album with Rob McNurlin coming out pretty soon. Hopefully I'll be playing it real soon on The Opry. Nancy and Rob will be touring soon and a Santa Fe gig is a possibility.

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