Wednesday, October 19, 2005


If anyone gives a hoot, I've just changed the "comments" feature of this blog.

My old comments service, Haloscan recently removed all the comments odler than, I think, three months. Didn't delete them, mind you. I could get them all back if I upgrade to their paid service.

But freeloader that I am, I decided to switch to Blogger's inhouse comments feature. (THis prompted a paranoid thought: Are Blogger and the other free blog services just getting all of us us blog junkies hooked before they lower the boom and start charging us? Will there be a crime wave of bloggers ripping off car stereos to support their habits?)

The only drawback is that all the recent posts you fine readers left are now gone. So you'll just have to make more comments from this point on.

Warning: I've been plagued recently with some of those pesky SPAM comments. ("Your blog is fantastic. Check my (stupid commerical site) at (link)") So far it hasn't been difficult just to delete 'em when I see 'em. But if it gets worse I might go to the system where comment-posters have to fill in the annoying "word verification" secret code before posting. Such is the price of freedom.

Now leave me some damn comments!

UPDATE: Since changing over this morning, I've gotten several of those accursed SPAM automated comments. I'm not talking about NewMexiKen, whose blog I encourage all to visit. I'm talking about geeks from Herbalife, free video web hosting services and other stupid advertisers. Sneaky bastards tend to post their crap on older posts in your blog, so there might be some I missed. (Please report to me any you come across. And for the love of Christ, don't click on their links or buy any of their products.)

Anywho, I've made good on my threat to use "word verification." Please don't hestitiate to use it.


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    It's a real pain.

    What's worse is that some of them are spamming other people's legitimate sites. Why? A couple of possible reasons. One, to reduce the usefulness of blacklists, by adding well known sites to the lists. Another reason is to try and trick comment systems, such as Wordpress's, that allow site owners to bypass moderation for those users that already have had a comment approved.

    One of the sites that spammers have been trying to get by me belongs to the most popular quotations sites on the web. They use that site first, hoping I'll approve the comment, allowing their future gaming and porn sites to pass unmoderated.

    This never got by me, as I know the owner of the quotations site, who has in fact made comments on my site using one of his other domains.

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