Friday, October 21, 2005


Checking out my Statcounter numbers this morning I realized that quite a few visitors to this blog in the last day or so had done searches for Prussian Blue -- that 13-year-old twin duo that sings songs of "White Power," struggling against the "Darker Races" and promoting the National Socialist agenda -- who I blogged about a few months ago.

Several more visitors came from other blogs that linked to my original Prussian Blue post.

That post received more comments than anything else I've ever blogged. Many of the comments were from the Nazi community, defending Prussian Blue as a refreshing alternative to the "degenerate Black music" fouling the morals of today's youth.

They're out there, people. They're out there.

(Unfortunately the stupid comment service I used to use here zapped all my old comments.)

But why the sudden resurge in interest in these loveable little hatemongers? Looks like ABC News just did a feature on them.

So welcome new readers. Stick around and read some of my stuff on degenerate music too.

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  1. Herman Goerring? Does that make them "moderate" Nazis then? You know, unlike the extremist, Himmler Nazis and uh..President Bush.


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