Monday, May 22, 2006


Congratulations to my pal, New Mexican Web editor and Bubbadino veteran Stefan Dill (that's Mustafa Stefan Dill to you) for landing a soundtrack gig for an upcoming independent Indian film. Here's the press release:

The Sama' Duo (sarodist/oudist Mustafa Stefan Dill and percussionist Jefferson Voorhees) have been chosen to provide the soundtrack score for an upcoming film by independent film director Sharmy Pandey, a Bengali filmaker and writer based in Kolkata, India.

This will be Ms. Pandey's third film to date. Entitled Birth of a Pillow, it will be a " film which deals with Indian sexuality", according to a statement on a blog by a Bengali artist collective to which she belongs.

Her experimental short Ebang Falguni (2004), based on the text of a lesser known '60s alternative Bengali poet Falguni Roy, has been screened to critical acclaim at the Florence Indian Film Festival, the Alternative Film Festival, Picciano, Italy, Tirana Film festival and others.

Her second film, 29 Minutes of Loneliness has also gotten strong attention and is currently being presented at film festivals, including the Stuttgart Film Festival, July 2006.

Birth of a Pillow is currently finishing filming in and around Kolkata.

As the Sama' Duo places a lot of emphasis and experience on improvisation, the Duo will take an interesting approach by recording several passes of improvised takes (some with differing instrumentation) while watching and absorbing the film. A few area guest artists may be invited to participate in some of the passes, and several takes may appear simultaneously in the final mix.

Final post -production and synchronization will take place in Kolkata in July. Mustafa Stefan Dill will go to Kolkata to help in this phase.

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