Thursday, May 18, 2006


You really have to wonder who -- or what -- is sending some of the SPAM I get these days.

Here's one I got this morning on my work e-mail, from someone allegedly named Tom, though, as you'll see, he's talking about a "Tom" as well. The subject heading was "Swamped."

This is verbatim, except for the link, which I won't post in case it's some virus.

I just heard from Tom and he looks completely different than he
looked a couple mos ago. He told me these guys,
{LINK DELETED}, assisted him out.

I read all there info and was impressed with everything they said. face
towards town. height would and I thought

be was glad length when and to it

I'm not really sure what this garbled thing is trying to sell me. It can't be good. I wonder if anyone actually responds to these.

Maybe "Tom" is like that Enzite Bob guy, who's "steppin' large and laughin' easy."

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  1. Oh, people are just going on about my latest crack binge again.


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