Sunday, May 21, 2006


Robert Nott's Pasatiempo cover story about Josh Schrei's Cerrillos Road photo exhibit inspired me to engage in a fun Saturday project with my son.

Quoting Schrei from Robert's story:

"I never gave Cerrillos Road a second thought. But a month ago I was doing some errands there, and I suddenly saw it as a cultural gold mine with amazing graphic detail -- the Mexican grocery store, the graveyard, the old motels. That's when and where I got the idea to photograph it. So I took my camera and began walking it."
In that spirit, Anton and I took our cameras and went around town photographing Santa Fe's unsung everyday artistic treasures. I don't pretend to be at Shrei's level, but it was a lot fun.

We didn't limit ourselves to Cerrillos Road. In fact, Airport Road is a "gold mine" too. We both really got into shooting the wonderful windows of the little shops in the strip mall with El Palenque, Subway, etc.

We'd have done a lot more, but the batteries on both our cameras kept conking out. We ran into our friend Michelle who told us about a cool house with a bunch of birdhouses ... but that'll have to wait until another day.

You can see a bunch of my images from Saturday over at my FLCKR spot. We might have to set Anton up with his own FLICKR account. Until then, you can see one of his shots below -- taken at a great little Mexican art joint on Cerrillos Road.

UPDATE: Anton has a Flickr page CLICK HERE

And while I'm at it, my daughter, who introduced me to this Flickr thing, has a page too CLICK HERE

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