Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Looks like some weirdness is coming down in the state auditor's race.

Apparently Jeff Armijo is jumping back into the race, one week after stepping down over allegations of sexual misconduct.

I haven't been able to reach Armijo, but the state Democratic Party just released this statement:

Albuquerque -- Today, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico John Wertheim issued the following statement in reaction to Jeff Armijo’s press conference:

"No matter what Jeff Armijo says or does today, he already officially withdrew his name from the General Election ballot for State
Auditor a week ago, on August 29, 2006. His actions on that day created a vacancy on the General Election ballot.

“Although I am personally disappointed that Jeff has gone back on his word, officially, he is welcome to go before our State Central Committee on September 9th just like the other candidates vying to fill this vacancy, and attempt to get his name back on the ballot.”
By the way, state Rep. Hector Balderas announced today he's going to try to get the nomination.

UPDATE: I told you it was getting nuts. I just talked to Hoyt Clifton of the state Bureau of Elections who says he understands that Armijo is faxing astatement of withdrawal. In other words, the above message might be a false alarm.

Meanwhile, the governor's office just issued this statement:

“The Governor is very disappointed that Mr. Armijo is attempting to
go back on his word and selfishly put himself before the Democratic Party,” said Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for Gov. Bill Richardson.

“The governor agrees with the legal position of the Democratic Party Chairman, who is moving forward and asking the State Central Committee to select a replacement candidate who is responsible and committed to running a campaign based on the highest ethical standards.”
UPDATE TO UPDATE: Hoyt got a fax alright, but it wasn't from Armijo. It was from the governor's legal team. The "document" was Armijo's press release from last week announcing his withdrawal.

Looks like this one's going to the lawyers.

Stay tuned and watch tomorrow's New Mexican.

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