Thursday, December 29, 2016

THROWBACK THURSDAY: These Are People Who Died

2016 was a terrible bummer of a year in so many ways. If only for the number of great musicians who passed on, this would be one of the cruelest years I can remember.

Here are some songs from my favorites who breathed their last in 2016. Rest in peace all of you

(Caution: It might take a bit for this page to load. Be patient. And hope that none of our favorites croak by the time you reach the end ...)

Long John Hunter
(January 4)

Red Simpson
(January 8)

David Bowie
(January 10)

Blowfly (Clarence Reid)
(January 17)

Dan Hicks.
(Feb. 6)
I guess it was his time to go. But I miss him.

Steve Young
(March 17)

Merle Haggard
(April 6)
Hey, Hag. It was fun.

(April 21)

Lonnie Mack
(April 21)
Yes, the great Memphis blues/rock guitarist died the same day as Prince. (John Eskow at Counterpunch had some observations about that.) Here's a clip from a 1980s local Cleveland TV show featuring Lonnie playing with host Scott Newell

Billy Paul
(April 24)
Soulman Billy was something of a one-hit wonder. But what a hit!

Candye Kane
(May 6)

Guy Clark
(May 17)

Ralph Stanley
(June 23)

Scotty Moore
(June 28)
He was best known for being Elvis Presley's guitarist in the '50s. This is an Elvis song from a Scotty Moore solo record.

Alan Vega
(July 16)

Buckwheat Zydeco (Stanley Dural, Jr.)
(Sept. 24)

Jean Shepard
(Sept, 25)

Oscar Brand
(September 30)

Bobby Vee
(Oct. 24)
Lord, Mr. Ford, this is one of those crazy Scopitone videos!

Leonard Cohen
(Nov. 7)

Leon Russell
(Nov. 13)

Billy Miller
(Nov. 14)

Mose Allison
(Nov. 15)

Sharon Jones
(Nov. 18)

Keith Emerson (March 11) & Greg Lake (Dec.7)

OK, I'm not a big prog-rock, but losing two thirds of ELP in one year is a big deal. Plus I always loved this song. I saw them do it live on the Brain Salad Surgery tour in the mid '70s and it's still the loudest damned concert I ever saw.

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