Wednesday, January 29, 2020

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Golden Throats Attack AGAIN!

It's been nearly three years since Wacky Wednesday shot fish in the Golden Throats barrel.

What's a "Golden Throat?" you might ask. A wise man said once (or twice, now three times):

Back in the '80s and '90s, when Rhino Records was actually a cool label, they released a series of albums called Golden Throats. These nutball compilations featured movie and TV stars, sports heroes and every stripe of cheesy celebrity singing ham-fisted versions of songs they had no business singing. Pop tunes, rock 'n' roll hits, country song, whatever. Nothing was sacred and nothing was safe from the Golden Throats.

Because of the exposure from the Rhino series, some of these unintentionally hilarious songsters became notorious and ironically hip. Think William Shatner -- the Elvis of the Golden Throats! -- and his over-the-top renditions of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Mr. Tambourine Man." 

I'm not sure any of these reach the Shatner level, but check them out ...

Tina Louise, star of the classic ensemble comedy Gilligan's Island did this one very Gingerly.

At least two Bonanza stars recorded albums. (I was disappointed I never came across any Hoss solo recordings.) But here's the whole Cartwright family making a corny old song even cornier

Remember when Paris Hilton was something? I'm not sure what she was, but one thing she wasn't was a singer (though, in fairness, this isn't that much worse than Rod Stewart's original.)

Here's a classic Golden Throats favorite from Sebastian Cabot, TV's beloved "Mr. French"from the show Family Affairs. I once wrote about this stab at a Dylan song, "Sebastian starts off as if he's nursing the hangover of his life ("Go away from my window!") and ends up sounding like a third rate villain taunting some poor hostage."

I stumbled across this, from former New Mexico resident (and onetime a rumored candidate for New Mexico governor) Val Kilmer a few days ago when fooling around on Soundclick looking for my own weird stuff.

You can find more of Val hits on his Soundclick page

For more Golden Throat action click HERE and HERE

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