Sunday, July 16, 2023



Sunday, July 16, 2023
KSFR, Santa Fe, NM
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays Mountain Time
Host: Steve Terrell 101.1 FM
Email me during the show! terrell(at)

Here's my playlist :

OPENING THEME: Let It Out (Let it All Hang Out) by The Hombres
Parchment Farm by Dead Moon
Hot Coffee by Andre Williams & The Goldstars
Radio Waves by Alien Space Kitchen
Android Robot by Acid Baby Jesus
Rave On by Sonny West
We Were Lurkers by Slackeye Slim
On Broadway by Neil Young 
Change Your Ways Or Die by The Cactus Blossoms
Just Dropped In by Jerry Lee Lewis 

I Walked All Night by The Cramps
The Rise and Fall Of The Gang by Chubby and The Gang 
Raised Right Men by Tom Waits
Country Star by Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives
Benny Lou And The Lion by The Upfronts
Desperado with the Ukulele Sound by Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales
Ed's Place by Horace Heller 
This Is Not My Town by Lucinda Williams 

A quick survey of female-led punk bands

Shreddy Betty by Robert Shredford
Take It Easy  by The Minks 
Suburban Cop by The Ruiners 
No Control by The Manxx
Love Your Money by Lolita #18
Fly Paper by Persian Claws
Spin That Girl by LoveStruck
Prostitution by Tiger Sex

 Love Is Like Gravity by Pere Ubu
Blood Bank Blues by Al Duvall
Breakup from Hell  by Robbie Quine
Love and Mercy by Brian Wilson 
You Don't Know Me by Chris Thomas King
Pie In The Sky by Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco 
Paradise On Earth by The Five Satins
CLOSING THEME: Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis

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