Sunday, September 18, 2005


This morning, NPR's Sunday Weekend Edition had a feature in which New Mexico's Cipriano Vigil talked and sang about La Llorona.

Check it out HERE .


I just stumbled across a bitchen blog for Zerxpress in Albuquerque. CLICK HERE.

Mark Weber hasn't posted very much, but you'll find a couple of poems by Mr. Zerx, a Weber photograph of The Reverend Lonnie Farris (and links to other Weber jazz musician photos at UCLA) -- and best of all -- info on all the cool Zerx Records releases -- among them the mighty Bubbadinos , my old pals Bayou Seco from Silver City and the ever illuminating Albuzerxque series -- though he's got only the first 13 volumes and I think the last CD I have is Volume 21. Lord, I love 'em all.

That reminds me: I've got to talk to those rascals The Winking Tikis about submitting some songs for a future Albuquzerxque collection.


About eight years ago a guy named Brent Hoodenpyle came through Santa Fe (I forgot where he was from at the time), called me up out of the blue, asked me to lunch and told me about his plans for a new alternative country magazine.

We had a nice lunch at Tia Sofia's, talked about what he had in mind, and later on exchanged a couple of e-mails.

But the new magazine never happened and I hadn't heard from him in years until last week I stumbled across his Web site and remembered our contact. (Who can forget a name like "Brent Hoodenpyle"?)

Turns out that while the magazine idea tanked, Brent has been playing music in Chicago. Besides his Web Site, he's got an Alt-Country blog and hopefully I'll soon be playing some of his stuff on The Santa Fe Opry.


Now I remember how I found Brent's name. He played today at Hankfest in Chicago. I looked up that site because my friend Desdemona Finch won an honorable mention in the Ghost Writers in the Sky Songwriting Contest, which is associated with the festival.

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