Monday, September 19, 2005


I thought that New Mexico's political blogs would be all abuzz about the arrests of State Treasurer Robert Vigil and former Treasurer Michael Montoya on federal racketeering charges. After all, it's not every day two statewide elected officals are frog-marched into federal court accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from state investment consultants.

Joe Monahan posted some insights on his blog today. My favorite part:
Why was an alleged ten year kickback scheme not uncovered sooner? Where was the Legislative oversight, the state auditor, the state police, the attorney general, the press? All of whom had inklings of a problem. What about the State Investment Council? Where were those guys? The ugly mess points to an obvious need for much more scrutiny of state investment dollars.
Good point, Joe.

Then I found a blog called 'Burque Babble, which ran a parody of Vigil and a phony RFP for a "Securities Lending Oversight Boss"(SLOB) for the treasurer's office.

Of course I posted my sidebar stories that appeared in The New Mexican.

But not much else in Enchanted Land Bloggerdom.

Maybe that's what happens when a scandal breaks on Friday.

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