Friday, September 09, 2005


Last Sunday during BeauSoleil's performance, band leader Micheal Doucet had festival staff pass around buckets to collect money for New Orleans musicians who were victims of Katrina.

I donated, as probably did most who were there, though I wasn't sure of what exactly the fund was. But I got an e-mail this morning that I think explains it. Apparently it has something to do with the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

Last evening 150 New Orleans musicians came together at Grant Street, one of Lafayette's ( 2 1/2 hours sw of New Orleans in the heart of the Cajun country) famed music clubs.In a culture where even our funerals have dancing and music, silence is a bleak testiment to the loss of soul. The absence of instruments seemed to add a note of desperation as musicians tenatively walked into the unfamiliar club. Their solemn faces reflected uncertainty and despair.

Brittany Kite, the second generation proprieter of the club, had opened her heart to New Orleans displaced musicians and to the newly arrived staff of the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. It was a simple gesture of kindness, a heartfelt welcome. ...

Noted Cajun musicians Micheal Doucet (Beausoliel) and Zachary Richard gently moved through the crowd, hugging their comrades, promising their support. Doucet has volunteered to produce the (Healthcare For Musicians)fundraising street dance next week. Richard is helping to organize paid gigs for musicians in the schools and shelters.
For more information on helping musicians who were victims of Katrina, CLICK HERE

And here's a list of New Orleans musicians who are known to be safe after the hurricane. Yes, Irma Thomas and Alex Chilton are among them. CLICK HERE

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