Monday, March 20, 2006


At the Austin Airport on my way out of town Sunday afternoon, I ran into Ronny Elliott standing in line for ice cream. He told me he'd just seen Karl Rove.

I think there's an omen in there somewhere ...

Sometimes I think I'm getting too old for SXSW -- the lines, the who-bribed-the-fire-marshal crowds, standing up for hours at a time, the goddamn Austin traffic, which I forget how bad it is every time ...

Like Karl Rove's most famous client says, "It's hard work!"

I'm getting too old for it.

But I've got the feeling I'll be back.


"Are you sure this is the venue where P.W. Long is supposed to play?"

Inside the Yard Dog

Beatle Bob joins the Waco Brothers

Watch out for flying chairs!

Leslie cruises Sixth Street

P.W. plays while the crowd watches the backdrop

Kev Russell of The Gourds tries to prove you can't catch bird flu from the Funky Chicken.

The Entourage: "We're the pros from Dover."

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