Thursday, March 30, 2006


I meant to blog this a couple of weeks ago. (Guess I was too busy gearing up for my Austin trip.)

This image to your right was on a March 10 e-mail from the Democratic Governors Association, signed by our gov. who is chairman of that group.

The actual text deals with supporting the National Guard. ("Tell the White House that you won't wait for '08 to support the Guard ... ")

But, as suggested on today's The Hotline , something subliminal might be at work here.

"Around this time in the election cycle, presidential candidates always answer the '08 questions with something like, "I'll decide after the midterms," or "Never look past the next election." They typically keep their distance from the '08 label to keep the press pumping on their potential candidacy.

"Not Gov. Bill Richardson. The DGA head took a less subtle approach in the most recent fundraising email sent out on the Democratic Governor's Association listserv ... while the message is from the DGA, the picture says a thousand words about Richardson."

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