Thursday, October 02, 2008


Looks like today's Roundhouse Roundup column about John McCain's in-laws' history in Ruidoso is getting lots of comments over on The New Mexican site.

Most of the comments are from McCain supporters -- mostly from out-of-town, I notice -- who claim the story proves The New Mexican's liberal bias, etc.

One even suggests I explore Obama's "ties to muslum religion." That's cut and pasted exactly as it appears over there. They're out there, folks!

Funny, sometimes when I write stories critical of the governor or the Demcoratic-controlled Legislature I'm accused of being a right-wing corporate lackey or whatever.

At this time only one comment posted has it right. Someone called "KarlaD" wrote, "Grow up. This is a story about history, not a criticism of Senator McCain. It certainly has nothing to do with Senator Obama either who is being slandered by the posters."

Rest assured, if Barack Obama's in-laws owned a scandal-ridden racetrack in New Mexico or were involved in some controversy in this state, even 50 or 60 years ago, I'd be at the microfilm machine tracking it down.

But I did chuckle to see the post from my old friend Babe Rainbow: "Midgets for McCain!" Don't think he's kidding.

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