Tuesday, October 07, 2008



My story on the Albuquerque event can be found HERE.

Being in the SUB Ballroom at UNM today brought back memories of past events I've seen there.

The first one was a Bo Diddley concert in August 1971 -- The King Kong Memorial Tribal Stomp. (I think that was the second annual KKMTS and perhaps the last one.) I also saw The Mahavishnu Orchestra there circa 1972. I got in trouble for opening an outside door and letting a bunch of hippies in for free. However, I didn't get kicked out of the show. They just made me sit away from the door.

The last presidential candidate I saw there also was a Republican -- Rep. Pete McCloskey, a Republican peace candidate (!) who challenged Richard Nixon in 1972. (His only delegate at the GOP convention that year was from New Mexico -- my old creating writing teacher Tom Mayer.)

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