Thursday, January 06, 2005


No, these aren't stunt doubles for Welcome Back Kotter. This picture is from the March 27, 1976 wedding of my old pal Steve Severtson. He's the geek in the Navy uniform on the far right.

I'm playing Napoleon on the left. I was best man. Still a pretty good man.

The guys in the middle are John Ramirez and Bruce Bolinger.

Severtson found this old shot just recently when he was playing around with his new scanner/printer. It's probably a good argument for tighter federal regulations on the sale and possession of scanners.

Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the brilliance and intensity of my green suit that day. But Bruce's jacket sure looks snazzy, doesn't it?

By the way, Steve and his wife Deb are still married. They live in Virginia and have two grown sons.

Time fries ...

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