Wednesday, January 12, 2005


For the last several months I've resisted putting my radio show play lists on the KSFR web site. There were several reasons. For one thing, I post them on this blog. But most importantly I resisted because initially we were told that we had to include a UPC code number or catalog number, which apparently was for the benefit of the Recording Industry Association of America. And if we didn't include these numbers, the entry would be blank. This was bad news especially for those of us who ocasionally use home-burned CDs or (shudder) bootlegs.

So I refused to go to all the extra trouble of typing in a bunch of numbers for the RIAA's benefit. But checking out other KSFR play lists, I noticed others didn't have that info -- and no entries appeared to be missing.

So I created lists for last week's Santa Fe Opry and Terrell's Sound World.

I'll try it for awhile. But I'll keep posting my lists on this blog too.

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