Monday, January 17, 2005


In addition to keeping this silly blog going, I'm going to be blogging for The New Mexican during this year's session of the state Legislature, which begins tomorrow.

To check out the paper's blog CLICK HERE. I'll also add a permanent link on the right-hand side.

I'm not exactly sure what it's going to look like every day. Like Blogdom in general at this point, I'll kind of make it up as I go along here.

My editors have stressed that my first duty is to produce copy for the paper, not the blog. So if the going gets tough, the blogging could get thin. We'll have to just see how it goes.

But don't worry, gentle blog readers. This blog you're reading now will continue to have my columns, my playlists and all the other fun stuff you find here.

But check back frequently for updates and observations, some of which might end up in the next day's paper, some of which might not. And feel free to use the comment feature at the bottom of each post. Talk back! (Same goes for this blog.)

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