Friday, January 13, 2006


I'm the guest this week on KNME's The Line, a weekly panel discussion of news, politics and culture hosted by Steve Lawrence of Crosswinds Weekly, Margaret Montoya of UNM lawscool, Albuquerque Tribune columnist Gene Grant and former state Republican chairman (and fellow New Mexican columnist) John Dendahl.

We taped the show yesterday. Items of discussion include the NSA wiretapping scandal, the Abramoff scandal and how it relates to New Mexico, (CLICK HERE, scroll down) the upcoming legislative session, the decline of broadcast radio and the life of Santa Clara Pueblo’s Pablita Velarde, who recently died.

The show airs at 7 p.m. Fridays (that's tonight!) and 7 a.m. Sundays on KNME, which for most the state is Channel 5.


Driving down to Albuquerque for the taping yesterday reminded me that I hadn't been down there since the end of my political science class with former U.S. Sen. Fred Harris last month.

I sure don't miss that drive two mornings a week, but I do miss the pleasure of listening to Fred Harris twice a week. We're both Okies in exile so he speaks my language.

I also miss seeing my daughter twice a week. She took the class also.

And yes, I did make an "A" in the class. But I didn't ace the final like I thought. I got an "A" on the test, but my score wasn't quite as high as I'd thought, which means I was wrong on a couple of questions I thought I'd knew. Since it was the end of the course we never reviewed the answers. This means I'm walking around with some false knowledge in my head.

(I just found Fred's button image over on NPRs "Political Junkie" column page.)

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