Sunday, October 01, 2006


OK, granted that Clear Channel is Satan. However Santa Fe's local Clear Channel station may soon be in the hands of the opposite team. The proverbial Rev. Billy Bob might soon be preaching over KBAC's signal.

The New Mexican's Natalie Storey apparently came upon this revolting development before everyone got their press releases together.

From the article:

An employee at KBAC, who did not want to be named, said a sale of the station and a sister station, KSFQ-Smooth Jazz 101.1, is in the works. The employee said there was a meeting at the station Friday to discuss the situation. That employee said Clear Channel was trying to keep the negotiations quiet until the potential buyer sealed the deal. The employee said the potential buyer was expected to visit the station in coming weeks to make sure everything was in order.
Well, let's give 'em a big ol' Santa Fe greeting when they come to town ...

Anyone halfway familiar with the workings of radio realizes this was bound to happen to KBAC some day. I always figured they'd turn it into a "classic rock" station like they tried a few years ago.

I'm a public radio partisan, of course, so I really don't have a rooster in this cockfight. But I always liked the folks over at KBAC. I'm wishing them all well during the transition, whatever that might entail.

I notice there's no response to Natalie's article on the KBAC Web site. Stay tuned.


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