Sunday, October 01, 2006


I don't mind some light-hearted features with my news. God knows I've written my share of those.

But something I just heard on NPR's Sunday Edition pissed me off to the point that I have to blog for the sake of my blood pressure.

There was a substitute host, one Andrea Seabrook, whose voice and demeanor is far better suited for MTV than NPR. But on one feature, she was completely over the top.

It was a feature about some restaurant in New York City that has an ice cream sundae on the menu with a list price of $1,000.

Now I'm not a complete proponent for class warfare and I'm no sackcloth-and-ashes kind of fellow. But it's outright offensive that in a country where people die because they can't afford proper healthcare there are spoiled, elitist pricks who can and do shell out a thousand bucks for dessert.

But apparently Ms. Seabrook doesn't share my bad attitude. She sounded like a giddy teenager during this segment. And when the restaurant guy started describing the ingedients of his Golden Opulence Sundae, (Edible gold! Truffles! Dessert caviar!) she sounded like Meg Ryan in that infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally.

No, I don't want what she's having.


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