Friday, October 13, 2006


I've received several inquiries about what happened to The New Mexican's comments feature, which has been down all week.

In case you haven't heard, here's the deal: There were so many crazy and disgusting comments about the recent violent assault and battery of Paige McKenzie, John Dendahl's spokeswoman the brass decided to yank the whole system until they could figure a better way to monitor the damned thing.

You can read the official explanation HERE and the new plan for comments HERE.

I hate censorship, and I like the fact the paper lets people comment. I'm sure that the fact I know and like Paige have something to do with my reaction, but I'm glad the paper's brass took action here.

As James Brown would say, Good God, ya'll!

There were Republican idiots blaming the evil Democrats for the attack and there were Democrat idiots claiming it was all a plot by the evil Republicans to get sympathy for John Dendahl. Plus all sorts of other nasty stuff.

All this while an innocent woman was lying in the hospital getting reconstructive surgery.

(She's still in the hospital, as of yesterday at leas, recovering from injuries that put her in the intensive care unit. Her condition, which had been critical is. satisfactory.)

You've still got your freedom of speech. If you don't like The New Mexican's new policy, you can start your own blog. It's free and easy enough even someone like me can do one. (If it's too complicated for you, I'm sure your parole officer can help you out.)


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