Friday, December 01, 2006


Here's the coolest African scam e-mail I've received all week. (The link provided by the sender, "Mr. Steve," is a legit CNN story.)

Dear Sir,
I am personal assistance of Mr charles Taylor, the former Liberian President. At the moment he is presently indicted by the Laws for various allege charges and warcrimes.

You can look up this site below for update:

I have a re-profiling amount in an excess of USD500M, which I seek your partnership in accommodating for me due to the pressures from the present Government on possible steps to investigate / confisticate his assets both locally and internationally,

All details would be given to you as soon as i confirm your sincere and genuine readiness to front in this venture with me.

Awaiting your reply.

Mr. Steve

So not only am I supposed to be stupid enough to fall for this tired crap, I'm supposed to be greedy and amoral enough to cash in on the ill-gotten loot of a deposed war criminal.

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