Thursday, December 28, 2006


Our governor has yet to make a splash in the polls of four early primary/caucus states, according to the latest from the New Hampshire-based American Research Group.

As you'll see HERE, Richardson is polling at one percent in Iowa, South Carolina and even in New Mexico's kinda neighbor, Nevada. In New Hampshire he's at 2 percent. That means he's made basically no traction there so far despite his numerous visits in the past year and a half. At this point he's even being outpolled by Dennis Kucinich.

Hillary Clinton is leading the Democrats in all four states, including South Carolina and Iowa, which are supposed to be John Edwards strongholds.

On the GOP side, Rudy Guiliani and John McCain dominate in all four states. McCain's ahead in South Carolina, which was his Waterloo in 2000.

The good news for Richardson -- and the other single-digit pack -- is that the primaries are still a year away.


By the way, if you haven't guessed already, I'm off work this week, so there's no Roundhouse Roundup today.

There will, however, be a Terrell's Tuneup tomorrow, where you'll see my picks for top albums of the year.

I'm doing both my radio shows this week -- The Santa Fe Opry on Friday night and Terrell's Sound World on New Year's Eve. I pre-recorded that one, which will feature selections from my top albums. Both shows start at 10 p.m. Mountain time and stream on KSFR.


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