Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wonkette has an amusing "conspiracy theory" about the death of President Ford coming right on the heels of James Brown's passing. It's tied in with Ronald Reagan dying in 2004 right after Ray Charles -- obviously the work of an evil anti-soul cabal.

The whole thing takes me back to the glorious rant of Little Jack Horton, the circus midget and Charles Bukowski crony who served as narrator for Tom Russell's Hotwalker CD last year.

"You know, goddamn it, Ronald Reagan dies recently and they fly the flag half-mast. Well did they fly it half-mast for Ray Charles? Did they fly it half mast for Johnny Cash? Declare a national holiday? These people moved to changed the daily lives of more people than these goddam politicians, who are just grifters and scum... One nation under God and Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Ray Charles, goddamn it!”

WACKY WEDNESDAY: AI Songs to Destroy Art & Civilization

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