Thursday, July 13, 2006


Las Cruces political blogger Heath Haussamen's weekly poll this week is showing some interesting results.

The question is "Will our state's leaders enact meaningful ethics reform next year?" At this writing the runaway winner is "They'll pass some new laws that accomplish nothing."

We all know the scientific value of online polls. But this goes along with what I was saying in my column a couple of weeks ago. Despite all the headlines about Robert Vigil, Eric Serna and now Manny Aragon, it seems that a good majority of legislators don't think they need a bunch of new laws cramping their style. And with the system set up the way it is favoring incumbents so strongly, why should they want to change it?

This isn't a partisan deal. Last year in the Senate we saw lawmakers reach across the aisle and join hands in a truly bi-partisan effort to rip out the heart of ethics reform and stomp on it.

Just a little cynicism to start your day.

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