Monday, July 24, 2006


Santa Fe photographer David Goldberg has a Web site, including his shots of local and touring musicians. CLICK HERE to check them out.

(Pictured here is Bethleham & Eggs, featuring Michael Kott preaching the gospel in his own peculiar way. See Goldberg's full-size version HERE)


I've been dabbling in the fine art of rock 'n' roll photography myself lately. My amatuer shots can be found HERE .


And speaking of music photography, about every two months someone sends me a the "Bad Album Covers" e-mail -- featuring the covers I blogged about HERE.

Fooling around on FLICKR this morning I came across a site dedicated to bad album covers. (There's actually two volumes of the site, the second being HERE)

All your favorites like Devastatin' Dave, Julie's Sixteenth Birthday, Let Me Touch Him, etc. are there.

But there's dozens of others, mainly thrift-store treasures, but some newer covers including that of Radio Pyongyang, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. (Actually I find the CD cover not nearly as bad as the music inside, but that's probably true of a lot of these.)

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